Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MANISTON & her MARIE CLAIRE IDIOCY - Guest Commentary by Halle

Guest Commentary from Halle at JJB...ENJOY --

Regarding yet ANOTHER lame Maniston interview pimping a high concept schlockfest that seemingly ridicules her own personal life (Maniston: Yooohoo, over here, I'm 'breaking up' with YOU KNOW WHO...YOU KNOW WHO is so 'not into me'...STAY TUNED for what I'm sure MUST be on the Huvane radar another 'high-concept' rom-com(read pedestrian chick flick writ broadly) about 'Biological Clocks,' that will surely sell some tickets for 'poor Jen' now won't it?

Okay, okay...believe it or not - I'm gonna cut her some slack here.

Even though I WILL say, it is weird and sad, and shows that Maniston not only has self-esteem issues (DUH.), but also seems not to be able to move on and so needs 'things,' like old ass voicemails from boyfriends (plural) to in some way validate her existence (and yet goes a decade without talking to her own mother?? Hmmm. I digress... lol), ANYWAY....because she says she 'still has messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband,' she is clearly referring to the relationships at the time they were other words, IN THE PAST.

I mean, believe me, if she had said she had messages from her 'EX-husband,' the tabloids would go crazy inferring Brad was currently leaving her messages. LMAO

So just be grateful she worded it that way. Clearly it was in the past - so I will give her one of my very few RARE breaks.

I also thank God that she didn't single Brad out - and DID mention the other guys dumb enough to hook up with her TOO...bahahaha....because CHECK IT: what that also means ladies, is that while this brain dead STUPID woman was WITH 'Brad Pitt' she was keeping all the other schmucks 'voicemails' as 'love letters!!' OMG WHAT AN IDIOT!

Can you imagine Angelina doing that??? Uh, NO WAY IN HELL.

I mean, here you have BRAD PITT at home, and you're keeping cassette tapes of OTHER GUYS as 'LOVE LETTERS??' WTF?!, THAT is the real story, as it says a LOT about that relationship.

Can I say 'frat brothers' for the 100th time?

Jen: 'Brad Pitt, Thanks for keepin' me together man.'

Brad: 'Yeah dude, no prob.'

If THAT doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.

Oh, and one more thing about that interview (by the way, this must be the one where she and Huvane kicked Jen Connelly out of...) - can you believe how Aniston's the oldest one there and yet is the lamest, dumbest and LEAST interesting??!! Of course you can! LOL

Drew I thought was cute and VERY funny, and VERY real -- ditto Ginnifer Goodwin...and them Maniston is just like this fuckin' PARROT in the background, occasionally trying to dovetail onto someone else's comments with her own...and yet always doing the big, FAIL.

Oh, and news to DUMBiston, it's "CUT and paste," not "drag and paste." It's either 'drag and drop,' or 'cut and paste,' or copy and paste,' FOOL. ROFLMAO

By the way, she says the EXACT SAME THING in that coked out BBC interview from TIFF. She is so lame and stupid.

Okay I'm done. Not worth any more of my time. LOL - Halle

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have heard about the new horrible blog that has set out to destroy Angie's rep?