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Ken Baker Attacks Angelina on Chelsea Handler's Show (Oh Yeah, He's Also Ryan Seacrest's Best Girlfriend & Biz Partner In Case You Didn't Know)

Aren't these two girls lovely??

So, I got a few e-mails today, about Ken Baker's ATTACK on Angelina while 'dishing' as only girly boys can on e!'s Chelsea Handler show. That network really LOVES 'Brangelina,' don't they? By the way, BOYCOTT is still in effect y'all.

You know, I like Chelsea, so for right now - I'll leave her out of it, and assume she just hadn't done her homework on this TWAT Ken Baker.


I thought everyone knew Ken Baker is not ONLY Ryan Seacrest's bestest girlfriend, figuratively and most likely literally as well. Baker is his business partner, and at one time, was the US Magazine West Coast editor (perhaps he still is, but I heard otherwise) and published the notoriously nasty, and inaccurate hit job on Angelina, 'Twisted Double Life,' in the days after his pal Seacrest maligned her on red carpet back in '07. Simply put - it was a set-up. Seacrest created a situation where none existed to shore up Baker's US ragazine issue. Baker, along with sharing a production company with Seacrest, regularly does Seacrest's radio show, and US ragazine regularly pimps all thing Seacrest; his reality shows that he produces (Kardashian, Mama's Boys, etc., heh) and the Seacrest radio show - all get MAJOR pimpage from Baker and US mag. It's a symbiotic relationship to say the least. This at least, was the case back in 2007. As stated, Baker may be working for Seacrest full time now.


Ken Baker's recent Angelina attack on Chelsea's show, and the reasons behind it, ARE OBVIOUS, as you can see.

But it's not JUST because Angelina and Brad preferred not to interview with his pal Ryan Seacrest (at the Golden Globes 2009) after suffering through his banal questions, and then subsequent rude treatment of them at the Globes in '07. It probably also assuages some of Baker's own guilt at having published the 'Twisted Double Life,' US ragazine cover story smear job on her, in the few weeks before her Mom would lose her long battle with cancer.

After all, if he continues his hit job into 2009 and calls her a 'bitch,' whenever he can, this might take the sting out of Angelina's mother dying back in 2007 and making him look like Satan for attacking her in print simultaneously.

If she's a bitch, (because Ken says so, that must make it true) then what he did isn't so bad, right?? I mean her Mom was gonna die anyway. But damn you Angelina, why couln't your Mom have held on for another two months so as to not make you look so...damned sympathetic?!

But anyway -- so yeah, look for Ken to keep calling her a 'bitch' and assorted other missives and slurs -- saving dying children and giving her millions away, ASIDE.

She must be punished for being adored by Brad Pitt.

Back to Seacrest, for Ken Baker's vitriolic missive ('Twsited Double Life') on Jolie to work - there had to be a qualifying 'event,' and Seacrest's 'attack' in 2007 at the Globes was IT...it was the set-up that he and Baker had worked out.

* (By the way, remind me how this works again?? This year at the Globes: Alec Baldwin calls Seacrest DUMB to his face, Maggie Gyllenhaal rebukes Seacrest from asking about Heath Ledger's death and assorted other stars and media outlets humiliate him and his banal questions -- all the while Seacrest stays quiet as a churchmouse. YET Angelina Jolie, who graciously answered his dumb ass questions back in 2007 on what was Brad's GG nominated night (see Youtube), MUST BE PUNISHED for giving the demure smiles she did instead of the cheesey asslicking grins Seacrest wanted. THAT, entitles her to a beat down on Seacrest's radio show the following day, and a smearing in Ken Baker's US ragazine, a couple weeks later?? Kind of an 'over the top' reaction considering, don't you think? But then, the power of 'Brad Pitt' and the jealous rage Jolie incurs from his most ardent male admirers is breathtaking...but again, I digress...ANYHOO...)

Baker was the west coast editor for US ragazine and came up with that whole hit job on Angelina. It's amazing the vitriol that some gay men feel towards Brad's beautiful love, isn't it? As mentioned, I think they want him so bad - that he's such a fantasy for them, that seeing Jolie just makes them lose their minds, and immediately go into bitch attack mode on her. Truly, I think that's at the heart of what we'll call the 'Seacrest' pathology. They don't mind Maniston, she was a TV sit-com hack, who looked like a broke down Tootsie - but Angelina, she's a different story.

Angelina, as is made obvious by his all-consuming rage and obsession brought to the fore on Chelsea Handler's show, rules Baker, and the rest of the world.

The mighty have fallen however - and as stated, I believe Baker is no longer with US ragazine as west coast editor, he might be a full-time errand boy for Peecrust productions now (they're business partners and more so I hear) - for a long time, both he and Peecrust fed each other to such an extent it was the joke of sites like Defamer and Jossip - BACK THEN, Peecrust and his radio show (of which Ken Baker was a regular morning guest) was mentioned all over the US rag site - and then on the radio show, Peecrust would in turn pimp Ken Baker and US magazine's new issue of the week - they'd dish celebs like the two obsessed girly boys they are - again, it was a symbiotic relationship to say the least...

.....but it's pretty funny how these assclowns can now come on these shows and not reveal any of their background (like Seacrest and his playing dumb about why Brangelina passed him by) - acting like they're just 'entertainment reporters' commenting objectively. HAHAHA.

I've a mind to write and tell Chelsea to do her homework.

Everyone knows that guy (Baker), along with Turd C. and Peecrust have LONG had it in for Brangelina (or specifically Angelina).

Matter of fact - this is the perfect way to illustrate just why Peecrust was avoided - as if HE himself wasn't bad enough - Brad and Angie's people make them aware that these are the same henchmen who like to beat up on great Moms who happen to be humanitarian actresses and are adored by Brad Pitt.

SO AGAIN, TO BE CLEAR: Ryan set Baker up back in 07' at the Globes to do the subsequent US rag hit job on AJ ('Twisted Double Life'). Ken Baker needed a jumping off point for his US magazine smear job on Angie before it went to print. Seacrest his pal, started the ball rolling by ranting about her on the 07' Golden Globe telecast, he did this before, during and after the show, he continued the hit on his radio show the next day as well. It was a perfect attack. Ken Baker then comes out with his issue that uses the whole Seacrest Golden Globe debacle as basis to say - this is who she really is, she's a bitch to Peecrust, calls her baby 'blob' says she's going to stop working and doesn't...isn't she sooooo eeeeevil.

By the way, Angelina's mother would pass away after a 7 year long battle with cancer during this entire attack mode period - we can only hope she didn't see that cover before she passed.

Lay people who don't know the relationship (and more) that Seacrest and Ken Baker have (along with the online pitbull Ted C. that stays employed by smearing people) --and who just happen to be reading US rag or watching the Globes telecast, are none the wiser about the Ken Baker/Ryan Seacrest premeditated hit - and so don't know the connection and long history of attacking Angelina that they share.

I guess (and hope) Chelsea doesn't know it either.

Now she, and hopefully many MANY other people do.

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